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  • Remote Jobs Asia is committed to partnering organisations to help you find the best candidates for your remote roles. For job seekers, we help you find remote roles that align perfectly with your skills, goals, and lifestyle. 

For Employers

We are a recruitment agency based in Singapore. We help you find the best candidates for your remote positions. 

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of remote work. And are dedicated to helping you find the best talents to drive your business' success. 

We streamline the process to match you with candidates who possess the expertise and dedication needed to excel in virtual environments. 

Whether you are sourcing for remote back end developers, remote customer success managers, remote customer service representatives, remote project managers, or any other remote role, we will help you hire the best suitable talents. 

Let's work together to explore a different staffing model. Widen your talent pool, hire remote talents beyond geographical boundaries. Partner us now.

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For Job Seekers

Whether you are a seasoned professional, a digital nomad, a stay-at-home parent or an individual seeking work-life harmony, remote work offer the perfect solution to tailor your career to your lifestyle.

Discover the possibilities with remote work. Work from home., work anywhere. And unlock a world of  opportunities. 

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Explore your future of work with remote jobs.


Have the flexibility and autonomy to create your ideal work environment, set your own schedule, achieve a better work-life balance and pursue passion projects.


Embrace the option to work from home or work from anywhere in the world. Break down geographic barriers and access a world of opportunities.  


Unlock a world of possibilities for personal and professional growth.

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Our Team

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Karyn Choo

Karyn leads Remote Jobs Asia. Karyn has extensive experience in talent and leadership development, training, and learning and development. Her experience includes working in the public sector and healthcare sector. She believes that remote work is empowering and can help employers drive business growth. Karyn is dedicated to facilitating successful matches for employers that bring about business success.